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TROESTER presents the new TRENDSEAL, a variable Endseal System for CV Lines

The variable Endseal TRENDSEAL eliminates the requirement for seal changes during product changes in all types of CV lines and thus decreases tool changing times.

Each CV Tube is equipped with one or more endseals in order to keep the cooling medium in process while the cable proceeds. Depending on the cable diameter to be processed, it is required
to change the applicable sealing and support ring sets per cable type. In order to avoid operator errors and to minimize product changing times, TROESTER has developed the variable endseal

A concave shaped roller pair, driven by AC motor can be easily adjusted to seal a wide range of different conductor and cable diameters respectively. The rolls are coated with a high resistant
rubber compound to ensure a perfect sealing behavior in abrasionproof design. Vulkollan seals or silicone lamellas and corresponding pressure and support ring sets are not required anymore!

TRENDSEAL is used in all types of CV lines (CCV, VCV and Rubber CV Lines) for universal sealing applications during the production of Medium and High Voltage cables. One TRENDSEAL replaces the conventional endseal systems like Single End Seal, Double End Seal and Lead Wire Seal.

»TRENDSEAL minimizes scrap at start-up and eliminates complex handling and costs by having only one universal endseal device,« said Dirk Schmidt, Sales Director Cable Machinery Division at TROESTER. »Having approved its capabilities in long-term operation for more than two years in several cable plants, it is now ready for supply in new CV Lines with water and/or nitrogen cooling circuits and for upgrade of existing CV Lines.«

Exhibitor: Troester GmbH & Co. KG

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